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Click below to download Using Print to Compete Against Online Local Search: Strategic Revenue Opportunities for Yellow Pages Publishers Linking Print to Online Advertising, our white paper for Yellow Pages publishers and advertising sales executives

Benefits For Yellow Pages Publishers:

Yellow Pages publishers: Build profitable new advertiser services and features by linking your print and online advertising platforms

The Jump Code System links shoppers from print advertising to your advertisers' special Net-based promotions, services, and useful, value-added information on the advertiser's Web site, through your Yellow Pages' companion Web site—turning these shoppers into buyers.

For example, printed Jump Codes placed on your advertiser's print display ads link Yellow Pages shoppers instantly in one step to:

• Special savings coupons and promotional offers on the advertiser's Web page;
• Printable maps, with directions to the advertiser's store;
• In-depth, online information on products, services, and availability

Shoppers simply enter Jump Codes on your own Yellow Page's companion Web site to reach the advertiser's site or special promotional offer.

By linking your print Yellow Pages to the Internet, Jump Codes combine the easy, familiar use of the Yellow Pages with the power, speed and utility of the Internet...

Your Yellow Pages advertising sales team can sell Jump Code-based features and advertising formats as an extra-cost, value-added service to your display advertisers—using print-to-online Internet Jump Codes to link shoppers to instant money-saving promotions and more detailed information on the advertiser's product or service.

Here's How Advertisers in Your Book's Top Categories Can Utilize the Jump Code System to Boost Their Business . . .

Restaurants: Printed Jump Code tags linking to our MenuCode™ feature give browsers in your book an instant link to a participating restaurant’s menu and/or Web site, for checking dinner items, specialties, prices and promotions;

Physicians: Jump Code tags printed next to a physician’s listing link patients to Web pages profiling the doctor’s practice areas, specialties and other useful patient information;

Automotive: Jump Code tags placed within ads for auto-related advertisers link potential buyers to vehicle availability and sales promotions, or to further information on automotive parts and services offered by the advertiser;

Retail: Jump Code tags placed on retailers’ Yellow Pages display ad link shoppers to the store’s special Yellow Pages-only promotional offer or Web site. MapJump™ Jump Code tags give customers detailed maps and directions to the retailer’s store location.

The Internet is More than Just Home Pages: Drive Yellow Pages Shoppers Straight to the Special Promotions and Added Information that Turns Shoppers into Buyers, with the Jump Code System

Jump Codes, sold to your display advertisers as an extra cost feature, boost the profit and utility of your book, increase usage of your book's companion Web site, and give participating advertisers a competitive advantage for their display ads.

Since your readers must first go to your Yellow Pages directory's companion Web site to enter every Jump Code printed in your Yellow Pages directory, Jump Codes boost online usage of your book's companion Web site, linking your print directory and Web site more closely together, and making your Yellow Pages Web site an even more important feature for your ready-to-buy shoppers.

Jump Codes can also open up another substantial profit center—create your own Web page creation service and offer your advertisers their own Web site, linkable via Jump Code access from your book's companion Web gateway site.


Jump Codes can be fully integrated into your Yellow Pages production operation via our Web-based and client-side Jump Code System, which gives your production and ad sales and production staff full control over the key aspects of assigning, placement, layout and tracking of Jump Code features in your print and online operations.

We can develop a solution implemented especially for your Yellow Pages directory business and publishing systems—contact us for further information.

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