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Jump Code Registration Facts and Benefits:

Consumers enter Jump Codes on either specialized smartphone interface or generic Web page on JumpCode.com

Link Jump Codes from your ads and promotions to any of your targeted Web locations or microsites

For best measurability, assign a Jump Code to each ad placement to measure response by layout, issue, or any criteria you choose

Flexible Jump Code assignment options are available to meet your advertising plans and promotional schedules

Start linking interested consumers who see your advertising to your own hyper-targeted Web locations or microsites, by integrating Jump Code-enabled promotional links in your advertising programs

Jump Codes are the fastest and best way to engage interested consumers wtih your print, on-air and other "offline" advertising, and link them to the targeted savings offers, promotions, and online features that turn shoppers into buyers.

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Jump Code Registry Program Description
Already Using SMS Common Short Codes? Get a Matching Jump Code
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Jump Code Registry Program Description

Obtain Jump Codes from our registry for all of your promotions linking advertising to your targeted Web locations

With the Jump Code Open System (JCOS), you can obtain your own Jump Codes for use in all of your advertising programs, promotions, events, and other media, to link consumers from your advertising to your targeted online promotions or microsites.

Consumers enter the Jump Codes they see, view, and hear in your advertising on our JumpCode.com Web gateway site to link directly to your targeted Web locations or microsites to connect interactively with your online promotions and content.

Track and measure your advertising by measuring Jump Code accesses for each ad, placement, or media insertion

To maximize your ability to measure response from each ad placement or promotional opportunity, assign a Jump Code to each ad insertion, promotion, or other marketing criteria, such as location, media, product, promotional offer, or other variables you wish to measure, to receive full reporting on accesses and response from your Jump Code-enabled advertising programs.

You can obtain three different types of Jump Codes:

Assigned Jump Codes are five- or six digit Jump Codes assigned by us from our registry, and link consumers who enter them to the URL for your targeted Web location or microsite through our JumpCode.com Web site;

Reserved Jump Codes are specific five-or six-digit Jump Codes you select for your promotions. For example, you can select an easily-remembered Jump Code, such as 888123 or 999111 and other Jump Codes for your promotions (if available);

Jump Codes are either assigned by our registry, or custom Jump Codes (if available) can be reserved

SMS-Match Jump Codes: If you're already running SMS promotions using your own assigned Common Short Codes (CSCs), you can select Jump Codes matching these Short Codes, and broaden the reach of your offline-to-online promotions to include smartphone and PC users (see the next section below for more information on integrating Jump Codes into your SMS mobile advertising promotions)

Jump Codes are leased for defined 3, 6, or 12-month time periods, and these time periods are renewable at your option. Input your URLs for your Web locations into our Web-based management system, select the time period matching your advertising promotion, and get customers to link to the targeted Web locations or microsites you choose within your own Web presence, and you're ready to go. It's that simple.

Select Jump Codes to match your current Common Short Codes used in your SMS mobile advertising

We provide full measurement and reporting of Jump Code accesses, for example, by date, time, IP origin location, and other relevant criteria useful for measuring response to your Jump Code-enabled advertising promotions.

Already Using SMS Common Short Codes? Get a Matching Jump Code

If you are already using either reserved or assigned SMS Common Short Codes (CSCs), you can obtain matching Jump Codes (if available) and utilize both your CSCs and your Jump Code in your print, on-air, and other advertising programs.

By adding Jump Codes to your current SMS mobile promotions, you make your promotions easily accessible to a growing market of consumers using smartphones and PCs, linking them instantly to your Web-enabled online promotions, through the JumpCode.com Web site.

If your advertising programs are already linking mobile users to your advertising using SMS Short Codes, take the next step: Add Jump Code access and link consumers easily from their smartphones, Web-enabled PDAs, and PCs to your targeted online promotions and microsites.

For more information on adding Jump Codes to your SMS Short Code advertising and promotions, click here.

Pricing Information

Flexible pricing options to meet your advertising schedules

Jump Codes are available at these monthly rates, for three, six, or 12 month periods, as follows:

Assigned Jump Codes (5- or 6-digit Jump Codes assigned from our registry), leased at $500 per month per Jump Code;

Reserved Jump Codes (with the 5- or 6-digit Jump Code you select), leased at $750 per month per Jump Code

Pay-per-Jump fee: Per-access fee of .75 for each Jump Code access from your ad or other offline deliverable to your online location (discounts apply for high volume usage; contact us for further information)

Payments may be made by credit card on a monthly basis, or invoiced to your company for the full time period you select, at a 5% discount if paid on a net 30 basis.

Bulk licenses for multiple blocks of Jump Codes are available; contact us for further information.


Once you have reserved and paid for your Jump Code licenses, you can link your Jump Code(s) to any targeted Web location(s) (by URL), to connect users from Jump Codes printed or displayed in your advertising to this targeted Web location or microsite.

Once registered, you can change any URL "behind" any Jump Code at any time to re-direct consumers to any targeted Web location

To enter Jump Codes from your advertising, consumers using smartphones automatically access our smartphone interface or, if using PCs, use our standard Web interface at JumpCode.com.

Using our Web-based Jump Code management system, you can change any Web location URL linked to any Jump Code you license at any time, to link consumers to any targeted Web location or microsite if you decide to change, re-link, or modify your offline-to-online promotions.

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