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Open up profitable new advertising services for your newspaper's classified and display advertising operations with the Jump Code System

The Jump Code System gives your readers instant access from your newspaper's print classified and display advertising to Net-based photo pages, supplemental information, and other value-added information links, through your newspaper's own gateway Web site.

Jump Codes help you build new, value-added revenue centers for your newspaper, and boost usage on your paper's companion Web site, by combining the familiarity of print with the speed and see-it-now advantages of the Internet.

Print Classified Advertising Profit Centers: Defending and Growing Your Print Classified Advertising Franchise by Linking Print to the Internet

Expand your newspaper's classified advertising operation in the face of increasing Internet competition, using Jump Code-based features to link your key classified advertising categories to value-added online features and services.

Boost Your Print Classified Revenues and Response

As a newspaper publisher, you operate in the real world, with paying advertisers and readers. And a proven advertising platform.

Now you can further leverage your newspaper's local market advantage in print against Internet-only competition, by linking your print classifieds to the Internet with the Jump Code System.

Jump Code tags inserted in classified advertising link potential buyers to Web-based pictures and information files on classified merchandise items for sale—combining the best of print and the Internet and linking your newspaper's tangible utility, value, and circulation base to the see-it-now immediacy of the Internet.

Instead of seeing the usual text description and a phone number in a typical classified ad, readers can enter Jump Codes, printed within your paper's classified advertising, to link instantly to pictures and in-depth descriptions of the items being offered by your classified advertisers—cars, trucks, boats, homes, or any other merchandise your readers want to see, and know more about—all through your newspaper's companion Web site.

If your reader can see it, your advertiser can sell it—with the Jump Code System.

Jump Code System Applications for Newspaper Operations

Your classified ad sales department can sell Jump Code services to build an important new value-added sales center for your print classified advertisers, and give your readers an instant link to pictures and added information on items of interest.

Jump-Coded classifieds boost response and sales rates for a broad range of classified advertisers, and bind your Web site more closely to your existing, profitable print operations:

Automotive: Jump Codes placed in print classifieds within your new and used car classifieds section link interested automotive buyers to online photos, detailed vehicle descriptions, and instant e-mail links to sellers, displayed on Web pages;

Real Estate: Jump Codes placed in a print "Homes for Sale" realtor or private owner classified ads link an interested homebuyer to a Web page containing a picture of the home, along with additional information on the home. Jump Codes give homebuyers the information they need before they take the next step, and beyond the printed page;

Help Wanted: Jump Code tags featured in your "Help Wanted" classified ads bring your newspaper's "private P.O. box" feature into the Internet age, giving prospective help-wanted applicants the ability to post their resumes electronically to a private, online response box on a dedicated Web page. Your corporate advertisers get the convenience, privacy and flexibility of being able to receive resumes sent in response to a help-wanted ad, in a centralized, online location on your newspaper's Web site.

The Jump Code System: Linking the Utility of Print with the Speed of the Internet

The Jump Code System boosts your classified advertising department's value-added revenues, and your newspaper's companion Web site's usage, helping to protect your print classified advertising business against increasing competition from Net-based classified advertising and online auction sites.

There's a Jump Code-based application for nearly every category in your newspaper's classified ad section—giving your newspaper an important new value-added sales opportunity for your classified advertising sales operation.

Execution and Implementation

Internet Media's experienced technical staff can work with your newspaper's in-house staff to integrate Jump Code-based features with your paper's internal classified production, administration, and Net-based systems.

From integrating Jump Code features with your back-end classified print production system, to establishment of Web picture hosting and end-user photo and text entry systems and user interfaces for your readers and classified advertisers, we can implement the Jump Code System for your newspaper.

Since every newspaper production system has its own unique requirements, please contact us to discuss how we can implement Jump Code-based services for your newspaper's classified advertising operations.

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