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The Jump Code System is the easy, direct way to link readers to your display advertisers' special, measurable Internet promotions, and to link readers of your print editorial content instantly to related online features on your magazine's companion Web site

Your display advertising sales staff can offer Jump Code-based services as an extra-cost feature to your display advertisers, linking your readers to:

• Instant print-to-Web links to targeted, measurable, money-saving offers for your advertiser's products or services;

Instant access to detailed spec sheets, online product brochures, and other in-depth information sought by today's demanding consumers;

The Web-based information an interested, potential buyer wants to see, now—nearest dealer locations, store maps, directions, and price lists

Jump Code features help your magazine further extend its franchise onto the Internet, by linking print to the Web, and providing your readers with the best advantages of both print and online media.

Print Display Advertising and Reader Service Applications

Jump Code tags placed in your magazine's display advertising link your magazine's readers to your advertiser's Net-based promotions on their Web site, through your magazine's companion Web site.

Jump Code tags can be used in a variety of advertising applications in your publication:

Display Advertising: Jump Code Tags placed in display advertising link your readers to your advertiser's Web-based promotions, where readers can respond to targeted, money-saving offers in promotions on Web pages designed specifically for that ad campaign or placement;

Measurable Response: Jump Code tags allow you to anonymously track readers' "click paths" for Jump-Coded ads, giving you a highly accurate tool for measuring an ad's response rate in your publication, and giving your advertiser the benefit of increased measurability for their advertising buys in your publication;

Reader Service: Jump Code tags next to each entry in your advertiser's directory or Reader Service page help your readers link instantly to the Web page containing the online brochures and other additional information on the advertiser's products or services

The Jump Code System can be an important, profitable value-added feature for your advertising sales force to use in its display advertising sales, either as an extra-cost service to advertisers, or as a premium service used as an incentive to boost an advertiser's frequency placements or pages in your publication.

By helping you give your advertisers better, more measurable results from their ad placements in your publications, Jump Codes give your magazine a competitive edge against other publications in your category.

Editorial Links

Jump Codes are a useful way to link your magazine in print to your magazine's companion Web site. Now, instead of printing long, confusing Web address URLs, Jump Codes entered by your readers from your printed page link them directly to anywhere on the Internet, through your magazine's Web site.

Jump Codes can be used with your magazine's articles and editorial content to:

Link your readers to updated article content, supplemental editorial features, and interactive discussion forums accessible through your magazine's companion Web site;
Link your readers to Web sites featured in articles—a simple, four or five-digit Jump Code can link your reader to any Web location, deep within the largest Web site, saving your readers the tedious process of entering long Web addresses;
Link readers to supplemental information from editorial in print to anywhere else on the Internet

Jump Codes used in your magazine's editorial content help link your print publication more closely to your magazine's Web site, providing a valuable new service for your readers and boosting usage and page views on your magazine's companion Web site.


By using Jump Codes to link your print newspaper more closely to the Internet, you further insure the value, usefulness, and profitability of your newspaper in the online era, building new value-added revenue opportunities for your newspaper operations.

We can develop a solution implemented for your advertising sales and editorial departments, and for your electronic publishing and production systems. Please contact us for more information.

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