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Benefits to Mobile Advertising Integrators and Consultants:

Expand your client service offerings to position your business for the rapidly expanding base of next-gen smartphone users

Create new profit centers providing new and more innovative advertising options and formats for your current mobile advertising clients

Help your clients extend the reach of their mobile advertising programs to smartphone, Web-enabled PDA, and PC users, through Jump Code integration

Mobile advertising integrators: Build new revenues in smartphone-based advertising services for your mobile advertising clients with the Jump Code System

If your company develops and executes mobile advertising programs for clients or develops promotions based on SMS Common Short Codes, (CSCs), The Jump Code System is a versatile new solution for enabling promotions using next-generation smartphone access with your client’s advertising programs.

The Jump Code System: Ready for Internet Access Over Smartphones

The main advantage of SMS text messaging is its near universal accessibility by any mobile phone user. This, combined with introduction of Common Short Codes (CSCs) in 2003 led to the widespread success of utilizing rudimentary interactive access from offline print and on-air advertising to online promotions.

However, despite its availability and ease of use, the content received by the user from advertisers is hindered by the 140 character length text limit of the SMS system.

Moreover, SMS can never readily or easily provide consumers with access to the vast range of Internet-based content to help advertisers “close the circle” and turn consumers into buyers of the advertiser’s product.

Get your mobile advertising firm ready for the coming mass market of consumers using smartphones to access the Internet, anytime, anywhere, with the Jump Code System

When used on the new generation of Web-enabled smartphones, the powerful, versatile features of the Jump Code System provide the next generation of mobile-to-Net access for advertisers, and give consumers targeted access to the unlimited array of content and rich media available through HTML-standard Web pages accessible on the user’s smartphone browser.

Expand Your Mobile Advertising Service Options

These new capabilities provide you with the opportunity to offer your mobile advertising partners and clients exciting and profitable new interactive, value-added mobile advertising options with the Jump Code System.

Through our Jump Code Open System (JCOS), Jump Code promotions can co-exist alongside your advertiser’s current SMS promotions, so you can serve both mobile and smartphone users, and Web-enabled PDA and PC users as well.

Your clients can also sub-license the Jump Code System (through our JCL licensing option) for access on their own Web sites, to provide access by consumers who respond to the wireless advertising programs you create for them directly within their own Web site properties.

With the Jump Code System, you can bring these new capabilities to your clients and partners, enhance your current SMS-based mobile advertising programs, and build new revenue centers by developing exciting new interactive and promotional features in mobile advertising for your clients and their consumers.

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