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Jump Codes, integrated with your television programming, give your viewers instant access to any Net location, from all of your on-air programming, through your own companion Web site

Jump Codes are a useful and efficient method for your news producers, programming directors, and documentary producers to reference supplemental or third-party Net-based information from television programs.

Superimposed graphic Jump Code captions, and voiceover narration, give your viewing audience an instant link to the specific Web page containing useful, added Net-based information, such as:

• News Programs: Include Jump Code links to "for more information . . ." Net-based information links in your on-air news stories, features and consumer segments;

Special Interest Programming: Link viewers to featured Web sites, discussion forums or other Web resources from your programming to the Internet by driving viewers to these features on your own Web site

Viewers access Jump-Coded links from your on-air programming on their personal computers, set-top boxes, or other Net appliances through your program's gateway Web site.

A Device-Independent Solution: With the onset of digital convergence, Jump Codes boost your television show's companion Web site usage and provide you with a viewer-friendly Net access solution that is independent of any Internet set-top box or other competing interface standard.

Radio Broadcast

Spoken Jump Codes in your station's on-air news broadcasts and other feature programming link your listeners to related Web sites, through your station's Web site.

Jump Codes can also be used in on-air features and to link consumers to your advertiser's special promotions via spoken Jump Code references in your station's advertising spots.


We can develop a solution implemented for your cable sytem, programming or broadcast operation. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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