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Major Benefits to Advertisers:

Increases response to your print and on-air advertising by instantly linking interested, engaged consumers to your online promotions

Makes any online promotion featured in your advertising instantly accessible to any consumer using a smartphone, Web-enabled mobile phone, PDA, or PC

Improved tracking and measurability of print, on-air, and other "offline" advertising campaigns

Reach mobile Internet users and the rapidly growing new base of consumers using smartphones

Easy to implement, test, adapt, and modify offline-to-online Jump Code-enabled programs

Already Using SMS Short Codes?
Scale Your Multiplatform Advertising Programs With the Jump Code System . . .

If you're already using SMS Common Short Codes (CSC) in your advertising, broaden your market and your interactive marketing options by adding Jump Code access to all of your mobile promotions

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Transform Your Advertising into an Investment in Higher Sales, with
the Jump Code System

While online, mobile, and interactive spending is increasing, as a major consumer advertiser, the bulk of your ad spending dollars are still devoted to print, TV, radio, direct mail, outdoor, events, and other, non-Internet based “offline” advertising media.

Traditional offline advertising still accounts for the bulk of most advertising budgets, because it's effective: Providing powerful mass-market exposure, building your brand, and driving product sales.

However, smart advertisers are now recognizing the value of creating integrated marketing programs that build brand awareness with consistent messaging across all media platforms, in both offline and online media, using a multi-platform approach.

By using the power of traditional print and on-air advertising to make your brand’s story more accessible to mobile and other online users, you can create more powerful, more highly measurable advertising programs in both media platforms, with the Jump Code System.

Going Multiplatform: Full Integration Between Offline and Online Advertising

Using this new “multiplatform” approach, consistent brand messaging used with integrated advertising campaigns is only the first step in tapping the full power of these offline and online media platforms.

Jump Codes link consumers instantly to targeted Web locations or microsites at "deep URLs" on your Web site, linking them to your special promotions or detailed product information

True multiplatform marketing strategies not only integrate messaging in both the offline and online sides of their advertising programs, but also link consumers from the ad they’re seeing to the next step—the savings offer or targeted

information, accessible online at a targeted URL or microsite dedicated to each ad or promotion at your company's online presence.

The Jump Code System helps you link consumers easily and instantly to these "deep URLs" accessible on your company's or brand's Web site, without expecting consumers to enter these long, complex URLs themselves.

With the Jump Code System, you can create this new multiplatform pathway for consumers, linking them easily from your advertising to your promotions, targeted information, or any other trackable, measurable content or media that’s part of your marketing process, online.

Is Your Advertising Smartphone-Ready? New Wireless Opportunities for Linking Your Advertising Online, With the Jump Code System

The Jump Code System helps you substantially increase the range, quality, and impact of the Web-based promotions and content you can offer to mobile smartphone users across all of your advertising programs

Rapidly growing numbers of consumers are trading up from standard cell phones to fully Web-enabled smartphones (such as Apple's iPhone), providing full access to Internet features, combined with fixed-price unlimited monthly data rate plans.

Like mobile phones, smartphones stay with consumers everywhere they go. And now, with Internet capability over Wi-Fi and 3G networks, these consumers can access the Internet more easily when they want, wherever they are.

As an advertiser, this creates exciting new opportunities to add direct links from your advertising, beyond limited SMS text messaging, ringtones, wallpaper, or basic access to your top-level Web domain.

Are you ready to link these consumers using smartphones from your offline ads to the next online step you need them to take to build brand awareness or buy your product? With the Jump Code system, you add this critical new interaction with your consumers using smartphones, PDAs, Web-enabled mobile phones, PCs, or any Internet-capable device, by linking these consumers instantly to the targeted Web locations or microsites at "deep URLs" that provide them with the targeted promotional offers or product detail they need to get them closer to their purchase decision.

Jump Code-enabled advertising helps consumers link to you online the moment they see your ad and become interested in your product or brand

Smartphones give consumers anywhere, anytime access to the Internet. Why not give these consumers anywhere, anytime access from your offline advertising to your highly targeted, highly effective Internet promotions as well?

You can do this now with the Jump Code System.

Integrating Jump Code-Based Features into Your Advertising Programs

The Jump Code System helps you combine the reach of traditional advertising and the accessibility of smartphones with the immediacy of the Internet, to engage mobile consumers when they’ve just seen your ad and are ready to buy or learn more about your product.

You can integrate any type of traditional print, on-air, or other type of advertising that’s currently part of your media plan:

• Print advertising: Newspapers, magazines, printed inserts;
• On-Air: Television and radio;
• Outdoor: Billboards and venue advertising;
• Event promotion;
• Product packaging;
• Direct mail;
• Interactive video displays and kiosks

Engage mobile consumers whenever they see your advertising, by linking them instantly with Jump Codes to your targeted, high-impact online promotions

. . . with Jump Code-enabled features and promotions to boost consumer response on your advertising at dedicated, trackable, and measurable Web locations or microsites within your branded Web sites:

• Special savings and coupon offers;
• Targeted sales promotions;
• Brand-building;
• Buyer loyalty programs;
• Opt-in email contact programs;
• Direct-order options;
• Interactive games;
• Contests

With the Jump Code System, your “offline” advertising in print, broadcast, outdoor or any other medium becomes a seamless pathway to the online interactions that attract new consumers, build brand awareness, and boost product purchases in every channel—for mobile phones, smartphones, Web-enabled PDAs, PCs, or any Net-connected user.

How to Implement Jump Code-Enabled Services in Your Advertising Programs

Use our Web-based registry to reserve and assign Jump Codes for each advertising deliverable, placement, and promotion

As an advertiser, you can utilize the Jump Code System across your advertising program, to link consumers from your print and on-air advertising, packaging, events and any other offline advertising to your online promotions and targeted information.

Setting up your own Jump Code-based promotions is fast and easy: Use our Web-based registry system to reserve and assign Jump Codes to your specific, trackable URLs, and access our resources and best practices guidelines for maximizing Jump Code response in your advertising.

Consumers can link to your targeted Web locations by entering Jump Codes either through our JumpCode.com Web site, or, with our JCL option, from your own brand’s Web site (link here for a detailed description of each access option).

If you’d like to test new promotional offers or modify your Jump Code-enabled promotion, you can change the destination Web page or other Internet location and URL assigned to each Jump Code at any time, using your secure account on our Web-based management system.

Jump Codes also help you test and measure response from each ad, layout, placement, and promotion in your advertising campaign

We can also provide you with a full range of reporting services and formats for your Jump Code-based advertising campaigns. You can access our Web-based reporting system to track Jump Code accesses by a wide range of criteria, such as time of day, IP locations, and accesses by Jump Codes assigned to each ad or promotional offer to help you test, measure, and improve response to your promotions.

Jump Code-Enabled Campaign Consulting Services: From Start to Finish, We Help Make Your Jump Code-Enabled Campaigns a Success

We can also provide your marketing and ad agency teams with concepts and direction for producing and implementing exciting, innovative, and profitable new advertising formats to help you optimize your advertising campaigns with the online integration that makes for successful Jump Code-enabled direct response programs.

For more information on reserving Jump Codes for use in your advertising programs, click here, or contact us for more information on the Jump Code System.

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